About Us

Giggledust Parties offers a creative and unique alternative to the typical birthday party. Our all inclusive approach allows parents to spend the time at their child’s event enjoying the memories rather than stressing over the details. Planning your girl or boys’ birthday party is not simply something to check off your “to do” list. Your child’s joy in experiencing life is undoubtedly important to you as a parent. Our children are a repository of dreams and possibilities and we want them to indulge their imagination and celebrate the many joys in life. We, at Giggledust Parties, can create the stage that will allow them to celebrate their life’s milestones to reflect their own personality and imagination.

But just because our company is very detail-oriented does not mean we sacrifice having a good time for style. Giggledust Parties is owned and operated by Jamie Boudman, a native of Bucks County, PA. As a mother of three children, an energetic 13 year old girl, a feisty 10 year old son, and a 6 year old princess, she is definitely in touch with her inner child! Our birthday parties have been designed to encourage and indulge the imagination while allowing the children to have fun, interact and role play. Quite simply, no one puts more commitment, care, and detail into the planning of your child’s birthday party than Giggledust Parties. We view every party we take on as a personal relationship; one that demands our complete dedication, respect and attention. Our personal approach and attention to detail combine for a magical experience that will live in your child’s memory forever!